Shenzhen in February the average transaction price of new homes 4.8 million yuan per square meter

2 months Shenzhen second - hand housing a total turnover of 8496 sets
Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, March 1, the Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Land Resources Committee on the 1st release of Shenzhen property market data in February, the average transaction price of new homes hit a new high, 48095 yuan per square meter, an increase of 72.12%, the chain growth 3.40%. Although the Spring Festival in February, but the Shenzhen property market transactions remain high level. Month, Shenzhen, a total of 5410 sets of new commercial housing transactions, closing an area of ​​556,900 square meters, respectively, year on year increase of 172.54% and 183.24%, the chain fell slightly, respectively, down 0.68% and 1.07% second - hand housing turnover fell more obvious, in February Shenzhen second - hand housing A total turnover of 8496 sets, the transaction area of ​​678,600 square meters, the chain fell 43.95% and 44.33%. National Bureau of Statistics data show that since April 2015, Shenzhen, new commodity housing prices year on year growth rate of "meteoric rise" since the Shenzhen housing prices continued to rise, from April 2015 rose 0.7% all the way up to 2016 in January year on year growth of 51.9 %. Author: Zhao Ruixi (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

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