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China Banking Regulatory Commission: bank financial funds are strictly prohibited into the real estate field

Banking financial institutions should continue to improve the level of risk management

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China Express business volume of the first break 20 billion

China's express delivery business will exceed 20.6 billion pieces

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Hunan a man and his girlfriend mixed mouth half anger 20 cm long bar (Figure)

Hunan Jingzhou a man even under the huff to swallow 20 cm long steel

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The United States Washington Metro will be out of line 29 hours overhaul crossover cable

Crossover cable aging, failure is the main cause of this incident

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Tianjin wealthy developers to develop real estate no one control his father had a provincial leadership

Tianjin Huijing real estate and Tianjin Goldman Sachs real estate two companies are the legal representative of Zhao Jin

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Kunming University of Science and Technology students were roommate killed school said compensation

The principal said that the families of the deceased have been compensated by Ma Yuqing and Peng Wei students

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Kidnapped in Iraq in Iraq safe release (Figure)

Chinese workers kidnapped in Iraq on the 12th have been released safely

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Mainland 11 people smuggled Hong Kong by the border was the youngest only 17 years old

Mainland China 11 people smuggled Hong Kong by Shenzhen border intercept

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Cao Wenxuan new works will write left behind children

Cao Wenxuan said

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Nobel Prize in Economics: Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology two professors award

The 2016 Nobel Prize in economics awarded to the United States Harvard University economics professor Oliver Hart (Oliver Hart) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor of economics Bent? Holmstrom (Bengt Holmstrom)

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Jilin official bus was investigated under the subordinate "rounded" lying to punish

Cui Changjiang in accept Jiangyuan District Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau before the investigation

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China Eastern Airlines flight of the two captains were revoked license crews kept seven violations

On the issue of the captain and co-pilot initiated the administrative penalty procedures

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Archaeologists have found that ancient toys have been 300 years of history (Figure)

Archaeologists have recently found a taste of real taste in an 18th century toilet

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Park Ji-hui phone condolences to the United States ambassador said it would avoid the Korean-American alliance affected

Li Bote attack will be investigated by the Ministry of Public Security of the Procuratorate, which is responsible for investigating the terrorist attacks

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Hebei Baigou more oil stations to promote 93 gasoline per liter down to 3.6 yuan

At present, there are at least six petrol stations participating in the promotion

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"Fuel limit" exam domestic SUV hanging line

But not up to the Chinese brand car prices

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Nearly 12 people have committed suicide bombers near the Supreme Court of Afghanistan

Suicide bombings occurred near the Supreme Court of Afghanistan

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