The security guards hold the sticks to kill the security captain

Lee family members that the property company and decoration company Lee also should bear the liability for death
Yesterday, 46-year-old security officer Huang Baojun in the Second Intermediate Court for trial. According to the allegations, Huang Baojun holding sticks will be disputed with its security captain killed. Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei photo in the dispute with the security captain Lee, the 46-year-old security officer Huang Baojun holding the side of the square side of the wooden stick, repeatedly hit Lee head to its head injury death. Yesterday, was accused of intentional assault on the crime of Huang Baojun in the Second Intermediate Court for trial. The deceased Lee over seven years of his father from Shaanxi home to Beijing to participate in the trial, and Huang Baojun and Lee before the birth of the unit to court, claim support, death compensation and other losses were more than 140 million. The father of the dead with a dry food to attend the court According to the prosecution allegations, Huang Baojun at 23:00 on September 23, 2015, in the West Village, North West Village, Fu Wai Hospital site on the ground floor, due to trivia and 39-year-old security chief Lee Mouth and fights, after Huang Baojun holding sticks hit Lee head and face number, causing severe craniocerebral injury. Prosecutors believe that Huang Baojun deliberately hurt the body of others, causing death, should be held guilty of intentional injury criminal responsibility. In addition, Lee was born in Beijing Zhenyuan Property Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as the property company) employees, was assigned to Beijing to live Decoration Co., Ltd. (decoration company) as security captain. Lee family members that the property company and decoration company Lee death should also bear the liability to bring criminal incidental civil action, to Huang Baoyun and two units claim more than 140 million. Yesterday before the trial, over seventy years, came from Shaanxi home, Lee father sat in the civil litigation with the plaintiff. He opened the black bag, carrying a few green onions, a bag of bun and an empty plastic cup. "This is the dry food of these days," Lee said his father, Lee is the eldest son of the family, divorced alone to Beijing to work, the two underage son to stay in the home, by the elderly to help support. "Lee said, after Lee, migrant workers to pay home subsidies, and now people did not, raising the burden of children fell on the elderly who, the family life is very difficult." The two defendants argued that the company should not be responsible for the requirements of the family of Lee, Huang Baojun said willing to compensate, but the individual does not have any property, parents have not, the family sisters can not contact, at present only to the court in Harbin life nephew Contact information. Property companies that, after the incident, the company for the advance of the rescue costs, medical expenses, body cremation costs, to pay for social responsibility, rather than compensation. The time of work is not a working period, so that the company should not take responsibility. Decoration company, the company is only with the property company, did not sign a labor contract with Lee, in addition, the company has many meetings on the staff of security education, it should not be held responsible. The case was not sentenced in court. The pursuit of fights were opened after holding a stick to fight the other head "is not true", for the prosecution allegations, Huang Baojun denied in court. Huang Baojun said the day after the incident, Lee let him treat dinner, then the two bought beer and side dishes. After eating, Lee also made a friend to drink, was rejected by their own. About 11:30 or so, Lee broke into the dormitory, said he did not give face and abuse, beaten. Huang Baojun said, in order to scare Lee, its pick up the dormitory door of a stick, turned and hit Lee's head, Lee was sitting on the ground after sitting, head bleeding. Project staff then arrived, asked the situation after the police. Huang Baojun said, 120 arrived when the support of Lee out of the dormitory. After the police station with the police investigation. "At that time have drunk, the mind is not clear." Lee said, holding a stick just want to scare abuse beat himself Lee, not intentionally hurt. When the incident, and Huang Baojun live in the same dormitory several roommate testimony shows that Huang Baojun first hit Lee slap in the face, Lee back. Everyone will pull the two, Huang Baojun picked up the stick at the door, hit Lee's head, Lee was hit and fell to the ground. In order not to let Huang Baojun escape, we also use Huang Baojun throw away the stick to withstand the door. On the testimony, Huang Baojun said these witnesses were perjury. Lee's injury identification results show that the comprehensive analysis of the deceased by others blunt hit hit severe brain injury death. Prosecutors believe that the evidence between the case can be confirmed between each other to form a complete chain of evidence to prove that Huang Baojun intentional injury crime facts. Huang Baojun know that their behavior will cause harm to the victims of the consequences, with the subjective damage intentional, objective damage behavior. In addition, Huang Baojun not truthfully confessed, should be severely punished. Beijing News reporter Li Yutong

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