Men drunk after the road police were sentenced to "not allowed to drink within a year"

Violation of the prohibition order more than three times will be suspended from the execution of the sentence
According to reports, the man Zhangmou drunk, not only chasing passers-by, not with the police law enforcement, resulting in police injuries, law enforcement recorders and personal mobile phones and other items damaged. Reporters today (November 14) from the Guangzhou Conghua District Court was informed that the hospital recently legally ordered Zhang a crime to prevent official duties, sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for one year, and prohibit Zhang Mou during the probation period drinking. This is the first time in Guangzhou Conghua court issued a "ban wine order." March 28 this year, 22:20 Xu, in Guangzhou Conghua tea business ready to close the closing time, found near the sidewalk lying on a sturdy man Zhangmou, a passing woman think Man "looks miserable", they call 110 alarm call. Zhao is back to the shop, pour a glass of water ready to get to drink a chapter. Unexpectedly, went to Zhao in the side of Zhao, said to him, "handsome, up to drink some water," when Zhang suddenly Zhao head against the first two, but also stand up and chase Zhao hit Since a chapter tall and sturdy, Zhao ran only a chapter to avoid attacks. In a few minutes, the emergency call two police officers arrived on the scene, identify themselves to a chapter, tried to stop him beating Zhao. Unexpectedly, Zhang a very excited, and excitedly beat the head of one of the police with a fist, and vigorously pushed the police to the ground, causing the police head hit the roadside electric box and injured. Another policeman immediately stopped, Zhangmou violent resistance, not only with a nail to scratch the police face, with the feet of the fingers of the police kicked blood, but also ripped off the police law enforcement record instrument, and the police service torn. In order to prevent the drunken Zhangmou continue to hurt passers-by, the two police after the injury is still together to press the chapter down to the ground, with a binding band tied Zhang's hand, and call for help. While waiting for reinforcements, Zhangmou power is too large, broke the binding zone, but fortunately the two reinforcements police arrived in time to control the chapter. Zhang will bring a police car, the chapter will be a head of the police bites, after more than a person to help, Zhang Mou was brought back to the police station to wake up. It was identified that the injury level of the three injured police officers was slightly injured. Afterwards, as Zhang's wife was hospitalized to give birth, the need for human care, in the chapter of the family of the injured on the injured, apologized, the three injured were willing to understand the chapter. Court, a chapter said its drink in the evening of March 28 a pound wine, was feeling drunk, but drunk can not remember what happened. For their own chase others, hinder the police law enforcement behavior, Zhang a very regret, said did not think drunk will lead to such a serious consequences, hope the court light punishment. Conghua District Court held that the defendant Zhangmou violent method to hinder the state organs staff in accordance with the law to perform their duties, their behavior has constituted the crime of jeopardy, the defendant has compensated the loss of three victims, and obtain understanding, sentencing may, as appropriate, The The court ruled that Zhangmou was guilty of official duties, sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for one year, prohibiting Zhang Mou drink during probation period. ● Judge: Violation of the prohibition order more than three times will be suspended from the execution of the sentence Judge said the execution of the ban on drinking is not only a punitive measure for criminals, but also a behavior monitoring measure during probation Is to avoid duplication of crime. The Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice issued the Provisions on the Application of the Prohibited Order to the Offenders for the Administration of Punishment and the Prohibition of Punishment, and the provisions of the Provisions on the Prohibition of Enforcement The people 's court that made the probation sentence shall, within one month from the date of receipt of the proposal for revoking the probation proposal by the local community correction organization, make a ruling in accordance with the law. The people' s court shall, (2) Violation of the injunction due to violation of the prohibition order by the law and order, and the violation of the prohibition order shall be deemed to be "serious circumstances" (4) other serious circumstances. "The judge said that in the case of the case, under the supervision of the community correction agencies, if the chapter still go its own way, continue to continue; (3) the violation of the injunction, the more serious consequences; Drinking, once discovered or reported by the masses, in violation of the prohibition order 3 times Due to violation of Prohibition serious consequences, the court revoked probation after verification in accordance with law, implementation of the original punishment decision.

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