China Banking Regulatory Commission: bank financial funds are strictly prohibited into the real estate field

Banking financial institutions should continue to improve the level of risk management
October 21, China Banking Regulatory Commission held the third quarter of the economic and financial situation analysis will convey the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements, analysis of the banking industry, the next stage of the work requirements. CPPCC party secretary, chairman Shang Fulin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that in the face of complex domestic and international situation and challenges, this year the banking industry to fully implement the five development concept, conscientiously implement the "three to one down one" five tasks, work together, tackling difficulties, in the service of the real economy, Structure, to promote reform and innovation and risk prevention and control and other areas have made positive progress. Meeting the requirements of the banking system to strengthen the confidence of the system, driven by good work style, continue to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements, in accordance with the "steady growth, promote development, risk prevention," the total tone, Industry supervision and management work to determine the objectives, to strengthen the bottom line of thinking, focus on outstanding issues, solidly promote the key work to ensure the efficient completion of the annual task. Actively support the structural reform of the supply side, and continuously improve the economic efficiency of the banking services entity. On the one hand, vigorously support the implementation of national strategy and major construction projects. Strengthen the financial products and services innovation, continue to do a good job on the "area along the way", the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, the Yangtze River economic zone construction, reform and innovation of the pilot area, the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base and other major national strategies and "Made in China 2025" Major decision-making implementation of financial services, active docking key areas of major construction projects. Actively serve enterprises to "go out" to support infrastructure interoperability, international capacity cooperation and economic and trade cooperation zone construction. On the other hand, vigorously develop Pratt & Whitney Finance, and actively support small and micro enterprises, "three rural" and poverty alleviation, to ensure that the beginning of the year to determine the small micro-enterprises, agriculture and poverty alleviation credit targets. Small and micro enterprises, to optimize the loan process, in the premise of improving the risk control, decentralized small micro-enterprise loan lending rights, improve the internal due diligence system, and effectively relax the micro-enterprise credit bad tolerance, continuous improvement of small micro-enterprise financial services Coverage and availability. "Three rural", to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply side, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, promote the integration of rural 123 industrial development, promote the construction of new urbanization as the focus, in the allocation of resources to be tilted. Financial poverty alleviation, the full implementation of poverty alleviation microfinance responsibility system, focusing on easy to relocate poverty alleviation and other financial services, improve the poverty alleviation loan statistics system, improve the financial poverty alleviation accuracy. Strengthen the overall risk management, adhere to the systemic risk of non-systemic bottom line. Banking financial institutions should continue to improve the level of risk management. First, "have help control", effectively resolve the excess capacity areas of credit risk. The second is to strictly control the real estate financial business risk, strict implementation of the real estate loan business regulatory requirements and control policies; prudent to carry out with the real estate intermediary and housing business related to the business; regulate all types of loan business management is strictly prohibited illegal payment or misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate field; Strengthen the management of financial capital investment, bank financial funds are strictly prohibited into the real estate field; to strengthen the real estate trust business compliance management. Third, to prevent local government debt risk. Fourth, strengthen the bond investment management, strengthen the limit management, strengthen the leverage management, strengthen the capital management. Five is to strengthen liquidity risk management. To strengthen the same industry, financial management and investment management, a reasonable match the maturity structure of assets and liabilities. Six is ​​to strengthen the banking industry "going out" risk prevention, accelerate the construction of compliance mechanism. Seven is to prevent the spread of external risks to the banking industry. Closely focus on hot issues, seriously implement a major decision-making deployment. And earnestly promote the joint venture enterprises to pilot investment pilot work, summed up the promotion of good experience. To better play the role of the creditors committee, the effective implementation of corporate financial debt restructuring. Actively promote the market-related debt-related work, reduce corporate leverage. Pay close attention to the development of specific implementation plan, first try. Continue to take effective measures to ease the "financing difficulties, financing your" problem. Do a good job, "two strengthen, two containment" look back at work. The meeting stressed the need to focus on the implementation of the task as the next stage of the work of the top priority to ensure that the task completed on schedule. First, grasp the implementation, highlighting the "defensive responsibility". Supervisory departments at all levels to keep the soil responsibility, stick to their posts, earnestly perform their duties. Second, grasp the style, highlight the "perseverance." All the supervisors must maintain a good work style, carry forward the spirit of nails, heartfelt to do the work. Third, grasping learning, highlighting the "unity of knowledge and practice." Adhere to the center, the overall situation of the service, education and banking reform and development and supervision work together, and earnestly carry out the implementation of key tasks, the effectiveness of learning and education really reflected in the work performance. Fourth, grasp the assessment, highlight the "Trinity". In accordance with the effective way of work to carry out the annual assessment, the specifications should be high, the standard should be clear, so that government, work and leadership team assessment "Trinity", comprehensive accounts, improve supervision, improve regulatory quality. Member of the Party Committee of the Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission attended the meeting, presided over by Cao Yu, member of the Party Committee and vice chairman of the CBRC. Major banking financial institutions, related industry associations and other units in charge of the main venue participants. The banking regulatory bureaus, the banking supervision bureau, the relevant person in charge of banking financial institutions in the sub-venues. (The original title of "China Banking Regulatory Commission held the third quarter of the economic and financial situation analysis"

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