Jiangsu enterprises to respond to marketing crabs carcinogens exceeded: the same kind of mainland standards

Involved in one of the farms - Jiangsu Taihu Fisheries Co., Ltd. a staff member to respond to the Beijing News reporter said
(Reporter Wang Yu) today (November 2) afternoon, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Food Safety Center informed that "the mainland harbor crabs were detected carcinogens exceeded the" one thing, one of the companies involved - Jiangsu Taihu Lake Aquatic Co., Ltd. responded to the Beijing News said that the same kind of detection in the Mainland no exception, the company has temporarily withdrawn from the Hong Kong market, and start self-examination. Yesterday, the Hong Kong SAR Food Safety Center issued a press release that in late September, five crab samples (about 12 kilograms) were taken for two- and two-year-like samples of PCBs, and two of them Crabs crab samples of the above-mentioned carcinogenic substances exceeded, "to protect the health of the public, the Center decided to suspend the production of aquaculture production of crabs and in Hong Kong to sell." Beijing News reporter noted that the Hong Kong SAR Food Safety Center pointed out that the above standard crab samples, Jiangsu two aquaculture farms. This afternoon, one of the farms involved - Jiangsu Taihu Fisheries Co., Ltd. a staff member told reporters to the Beijing News reporter said the company has received a notice from Hong Kong, and in Hong Kong across the board, recall the crabs and their products The The staff said that the act is not on behalf of the line to confirm its test results, the company produced the crab products in the Mainland to do the same type of detection no exception. "We can not say that Hong Kong's detection is not authoritative, but we are in the Mainland to check the standard." Beijing News reporter learned that the two known as dioxins, is a kind of persistent pollution to the environment Chemical substances that can cause cancer as well as reproductive and developmental problems.

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