Men lasted 1 year in the Shanghai card to change the car was 4s shop strong charges

Change Car Invoice Name No charge required
The name of the tender and the name of the car is inconsistent, re-open the invoice and blocked, Mr. Lee into a "card can not be on" situation. / Morning News reporter Yin Liqin morning reporter Li Xiaoming intern Lu Junrong playing cards difficult to spawn a lot of "husband and wife with the film", "father and son with the film" phenomenon. With his wife to beat the consumer with Mr. Lee, which lasted nearly a year finally shot, but sadly reminded the car invoice is the name of his wife, appeared "wife to buy a car, her husband shot" tragicomedy. He asked the 4S shop renamed, the results of the other party to charge 14,000 yuan to "re-open the invoice fee." Reporters survey found that Mr. Lee's encounter is not a case. Charge "re-open invoice fee" has become a 4S shop industry unspoken rules, and charges are not standard, ranging from a few thousand dollars, as many as million, consumers can only passively accepted. In this regard, the Consumer Protection Committee that, 4S shop depends on the dominant position of additional charges, is mandatory fees, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Shot in the Shanghai card is "card can not be on" last month's film day, Mr. Lee from more than 250,000 of the racing army stand out, lucky photographed a Shanghai card. Seeing the end of the "car can not open" embarrassment, but found himself into a "card can not be on" situation. Mr. Lee said that in July last year, he and his wife in Shanghai Li Xing Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd. to buy a Mercedes-Benz SMART car. Because the car is intended to open to his wife, so in the car invoice wrote his wife's name. After the car, the two bought a bid on one person, to join the battlefield, thinking about the probability of the two together will always be bigger. Did not expect, beat the difficulty of more than two of the imagination, until the Pro card expired, coupled with the foreign Pro card can not be on the road, Mr. Lee's car can only be idle home. In August this year, Mr. Lee finally in his name in the Shanghai bid, when they are happy to prepare to go on the card, found that things are not so easy to imagine. "When the card was found, the name of the tender must be the name of the car on the car invoice, and now my tender can not be used in our car, because the car invoice is written my wife's name." Rebate invoice " Increasing "desperation, Mr. Lee only to find the purchase of the car 4S shop - Shanghai Li Xing Maintenance Co., Ltd. to re-open the invoice. "As long as the car invoice on the wife's name into my own name, you can successfully on the card." "I thought it would be more successful, but 4S shop that will receive 14,000 yuan service fee, said this is the company Of the provisions of the price is not fixed, but also increased by 1,000 yuan per month, and no limit, that is, the later I go to the words, the more money to pay, and now 14 months to 14,000 yuan, then Late 1 month to 15,000 yuan, and then late 16,000 yuan ... ... "Mr. Lee said," the price is too unreasonable! Buy the car purchase tax also more than ten thousand yuan, re-open the invoice is higher than the purchase tax , Which is not outrageous? "Mr. Lee also said that he had asked other types of 4S shop to re-open the invoice fee, the majority of two or three thousand dollars, businesses made 14,000 yuan made him feel very unreasonable. "Re-open the invoice to be charged I can understand, but the price is too outrageous." Mr. Lee said, "the other side said that you go to complain, are the price." For the high cost of business services, Mr. Lee to more Departments have complained. "Just started to call the price bureau complaints, but the price bureau is not accepted, said the 14,000 yuan need to be consumed after the admissibility." In desperation, Mr. Lee to the Consumer Protection Committee to complain. Business: do not charge is not to change afterwards, the reporter contacted the Shanghai Lee Star car repair company's relevant person in charge of Ms. Zhu, the other clear reply: "For this matter, our company is now dealing with the way is not to pay no change invoices "When the reporter asked the so - called re - open invoice service fee, Ms. Zhu replied:" Because the re - opening of the invoice easily lead to tax disputes, especially car sales company, so we do not change the invoice, but some consumers run into similar The situation requires business change, we can only help friends, consumers need to bear the risk of charges with the company, so there will be a certain fee. "For Mr. Lee encountered service charges charges, Ms. Zhu did not respond positively, only : "There was such a re-opening of the invoice, and now we consult a lawyer, realize that re-opening the invoice is a great business risk, so now our company are not allowed to re-open the invoice, Employees will have a certain deal. "For Mr. Lee's complaint, Ms. Zhu responded "The re-opening of the invoice is impossible, his contract has been signed, the sales process has been completed, the company does not need to provide him with the re-opening of the invoice service." Tax department: change invoices without charges Reporters from the coordination of the Consumer Protection Committee Relevant staff learned that, because the business attitude is relatively tough, do not accept coordination. And for the re-open the invoice fee charged, Consumer Protection Committee and the business person in charge of communication, the other side to respond to this is the company's internal requirements, the company is a custom fee, there is no relevant laws and regulations. Reporters learned that, because the Shanghai card is difficult to shoot, the city "first to buy a car after the film" phenomenon is more common, and those who miss the name of the car is not consistent with the case, this problem is a common solution to change the invoice The name of the car. And many 4S shop to "re-open the invoice fee" in the name of the charges, and the number of charges are internal provisions, ranging from a few thousand dollars on the million, there is no uniform standard, many consumers in order to smooth the card, only Can swallow, paid trouble. So, do you really need to charge a re-open invoice? In this regard, the reporter consulted the tax department, the other clear reply to change the invoice name does not require a fee, but also no time limit, the need for billing units according to the requirements and then open a red invoice can be. However, because the car invoice also involves the vehicle management department and the car manufacturer, as well as vehicle warranty information, renamed it is not as simple as ordinary invoice, need to spend some energy. City Consumer Protection Committee: 4S shop can not be forced to pay the city Consumer Protection Committee that consumers enjoy fair trade rights according to law. Taking into account the actual situation of the license and the tender name and the provisions of the same car, the consumer to change the requirements of other car owners for other members of the family in a reasonable range, car dealers should be with. City Consumer Protection Committee said that if you want to charge, the cost should also be provided with the corresponding services, or rely on the dominant position to force fees, against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In June this year, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee to carry out the Shanghai auto sales aspects of consumer experience, in the 25 mainstream brands 70 dealers in the unannounced visits, found a total of 60 there are stereotyped, disguised price increases, bundled sales , Service attitude is also clearly different These 4S stores and their counterparts on the car brand's host manufacturers have been the city consumer protection group collective interviews.

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