India a train hit the school bus to five children died more than injured

A train and school bus crash at an unattended railroad and highway intersection at Uttar Pradesh, India.
According to the United States Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on December 4, an area of ​​unattended railroads in the northern part of India in the early days of a tragedy occurred on the 4th, a train hit a school bus, Resulting in the death of five children, and many others injured. Police officer Devendra Singh declared on the 4th morning that a train and school bus accident occurred at an unattended railroad and highway intersection in Huta Pradesh, India, on the morning of April 4, Killing five children and injuring at least 8 children. In addition, school bus drivers and car faculty were also injured in the accident. Singh police officer also said that the accident occurred when the region's fog led to the intersection of visibility is too low. A similar crash is no exception to the accidental Indian railway system, which runs about 11,000 passenger trains a day at the world's top railway network, carrying nearly 23 million people. India has thousands of unattended railroad road intersections, mostly in remote areas of India. The distressing financial situation has prevented the government from arranging enough people to keep these intersections on time.

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